Flat Roof Specialists – Are They Worth It?

Flat Roof Specialists

Don’t let the flat nature of your flat roof fool you into thinking that it’s easier to install and maintain than a “regular” sloped roof. It may seem that way, but fitting and looking after a flat roof needs a professional, just as much as their pitched counterparts.

Contracting flat roof specialists is the best thing you can do when you’re planning to undertake work on your flat roof. You may think we’re a little biased – which is fair – but we have decades of experience and plenty of stories that come from sorting out the botched jobs by the not-so-specialists who have tested themselves in the flat roof arena.

Why are flat roof specialists important? What makes them worth the money? And are we willing to share any of those stories? Read on…

What Are Flat Roof Specialists?

Like any profession, spending every day working on something makes you better and better at it. Practice does, after all, make perfect. There’s a lot to understand about flat roofs, so those choosing to specialise in them rather than spread their knowledge as general roofers are often well worth listening to – they’ve seen every issue and know the best way to resolve them.

Flat roof specialists offer a range of services:

The Survey

The importance of a good survey cannot be understated. Preparation is key to working on a flat roof, and that starts with a comprehensive assessment of the work that needs doing.

Surveying a roof requires a degree of expertise, knowing where to look ensures that nothing slips through the net. A professional flat roof specialist will detail every aspect of your roof, taking into account the difficulties presented by access, the full range of repairs that may be needed, how to best protect the roof for the future, and even the internal airflow and insulation.

Armed with a detailed report, generating an accurate estimate is made considerably easier – that’s why flat roof specialists will typically deliver a detailed and final quote with no hidden extras. With professionals, what you agree on will be the final cost, with no “oh well, we found lots more work was required when we were doing it…” type problems popping up along the way.


It goes without saying that a flat roof specialist will know how to repair a flat roof! As the core service provided by these professionals, repairs will be listed in detail and undertaken with efficiency. Flat roof specialists will be able to help with:

  • Ponding
  • Alligatoring
  • Blistering
  • Rips and tears
  • Patches of missing or damaged felt
  • Damaged flashing
  • Leaks
  • Mould growth
  • Internal insulation
  • and much more…
Flat Roof Specialists

Full Roof Replacements

Sometimes repairs are just inadequate, and what you need is a complete roof replacement. Here, your flat roof specialists will be able to discuss options and advise on the best course of action, taking into account your needs and budget.

Any roof replacement job done by specialist professionals will be undertaken with maximum efficiency, done with consideration regarding any disruption, and come in on budget and on time.

The Signs That Show You Need a Pro

If your roof is falling in, make that call! But seriously, there are many far more minor signs that mean you should talk to a flat roof specialist, including:

  • Damage to the roof – Flat roof damage comes in many forms, from ponding caused by dips in the roof felting through to cracks and tears from years of beating back the sun. If you can see signs that your roof is suffering, it’s time to speak to a pro.
  • Internal leaks and damp – You may think that tiny drip in the corner that leaves an occasional brown mark on the ceiling is something you can ignore, but signs like this are often indicative of a much bigger problem. Don’t put off talking expert – that could be costly.
  • Poor energy efficiency – Heating bills have rocketed in the last few years, so keeping an eye on them is important to everyone. If you feel you’re paying more for heating than you should, you may well have an insulation issue. Flat roof specialists can easily identify if your insulation is at fault and advise on the next steps, saving you a fortune over the coming years.

‘But,’ I hear you cry, ‘I can do all this myself!’

It’s true that some aspects of flat roof repair can be done by a seasoned DIY enthusiast, but please do take care – a couple of YouTube tutorials do not an expert make! Remember, working on your roof can be dangerous, so follow all health and safety guidelines, including having someone else there with you to ensure your safety.

Just don’t dismiss signs – ignoring small problems will mean they can grow and become greater, far more costly issues.

Not All Specialists Are The Same

Flat roofs are complex. They may look like simple coverings to the building, but with the technology of decades, today’s flat roof is actually quite a technological marvel.

To the untrained eye, one flat roof looks much like another, but for a flat roof specialist, there’s a world of difference between EPDM and GRP for example – trust us, we’re great fun on long car rides through urban areas playing “flat roof bingo” (contact us today if you want a scorecard!).

Different specialist companies will have different preferences – where we’re special at PFR is that we have a proprietary system that beats all others – the Vanguard Flat Roof.

The Vanguard PVC single-ply fusion-welded system is the ultimate waterproofing system for your new flat roof and is unique to PFR. It really is the best system for superior weather resistance and insulation, boosting your energy efficiency and providing a guaranteed saving on maintenance costs for at least the next 20 years. Give us a call or read our introductory fact sheet to find out more. 

Is the Cost of Flat Roof Specialists Worth It?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Is it worth paying for a specialist to look after your flat roof? Of course it is, every time.

Flat roof specialists like us at PFR have a good reputation because we love what we do and strive to do it to the best possible standard. We don’t just “do” flat roofs; we live and breathe flat roofs!

Our work is guaranteed, with new roofs protected for up to 20 years. There’s no danger of a botched job, or lazy short-cut fix – everything is done with perfectionistic professional care.

But the best way to know if any service is worth the cost? Ask those who have come before you! Why not check out our reviews, where people say things like:

‘My experience with Proactive Roofing Solutions was fantastic. The most impressive thing, and what sets this company apart, was the quote and statement of work received at the beginning. It was incredibly thorough, with pictures of the existing roof, description of the issues and the proposed solution.’ – Ben Brooks, 2023.


‘Cosy Homes Oxfordshire has completed several large projects with Pro Active Roofing and we have been deeply impressed with their processes and standard of work. Highly recommend!’ – Christian Guthier, 2023.

Contact PFR today for a free, no-obligation assessment undertaken by passionate, professional flat roof specialists, and see what our service can offer.

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