Flat Roof Quote: What To Look For


Getting a quote for your flat roof can be a nervous process. Sadly, we all know that there are unscrupulous companies out there that are only too keen to take your money and deliver a poor final product, so what is it you can do to make sure that the flat roof quote you are getting is worth the paper it’s printed on?

Here’s our professional guide to flat roof quotes and what you should be looking out for,

Choosing the Right Flat Roof Company: Essential Considerations

There are a few essentials you should be looking out for in the company you contract to undertake work on your flat roof, including:


While everyone has to start somewhere, your flat roof shouldn’t be someone else’s training ground. You want to see that the company you contract has the experience needed to do a good job. This is best understood by talking to them about work they have done previously – ask for case studies or links to reviews. All established flat roof companies will be happy to share these with you, and if they seem a little cagey in this regard – RED FLAG!


It’s easy (and not unreasonable) to assume that someone who is an experienced roofer is an experienced flat roofer, but actually, the expertise in one doesn’t directly correlate to expertise in the other. Ask your roofing company if they have specific expertise in fitting flat roofs – if not, perhaps you should look elsewhere.


A flat roof company that’s been around for a while will have gathered a decent reputation—perhaps you have even heard of them. Just as reviews indicate expertise and experience, having heard of the company before you choose it is a good sign.


How long have they been established? A company that’s been around for a while isn’t going to suddenly disappear, whereas one that’s recently incorporated – that can be another RED FLAG! If you want to do the extra homework, you can see how long a company has been in existence by checking on the Companies House website.


Professional companies are good at communicating. While we know a few expert roofers who like to remain a little aloof and quiet (after all, there’s nothing that says that they have to be chatty!), any company worth its salt is going to have an admin team who are there to help you. If your chosen roofer is hard to get hold of, spends days responding to messages, or just comes across as a bit rude, that’s another RED FLAG! It might be time to look elsewhere.

More Red Flags To Watch Out For

In addition to the above, here are a few more things to look out for:

  • Unrealistically low quotes – If it looks too good, it probably is. Companies offering significantly lower quotes than their competitors are likely cutting corners on materials or labour, and while the price might be tempting, the chances are it’s not going to go well, and you’ll get a less-than-perfect flat roof.
  • High-pressure sales tactics – Competent flat roofing companies aren’t desperate for work. They won’t pressure you by saying that you have to sign up on the spot. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable – far from it. A quality contractor will give you the time you need to make your decision, and while they might check in to see if you’d like to go ahead, this will be friendly and without any sort of urgency. 
  • Vague estimates or contracts – There’s really no need to be vague once the job has been surveyed. Prior to a survey, it’s all-but-impossible to give an accurate quote, but once the site has been seen and measured, you should be looking at a detailed estimate and clear timescale. Be wary of companies that won’t stick to a price – they’re likely to add more on before the job is completed.
  • Uninsured companies – ALL professional contractors should hold the relevant insurance. Ask if all the insurance is in place and walk away immediately from anyone who can’t confidently provide the relevant documentation should you request it.
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Understanding Your Flat Roof Quote

Any quote you get should be properly printed or emailed and formally issued – not something scrappy on a piece of paper. Make sure you get everything written down (or virtually written down in a clear, dated PDF) and go through anything you don’t understand before you make a final agreement.

Quotes should include:

  • A detailed breakdown of costs – It’s vital that you can see the materials to be used, labour costs, additional fees such as scaffolding, and waste disposal costs. Ask for clarification if anything doesn’t immediately make sense.
  • Material specifications – Talk to your contractor about the materials to be sure you are getting the job you want. Discuss the waterproofing material and the insulation so you are confident everything is above board. Remember, not all flat roofs are equal, and cheaper materials may result in a shorter overall lifespan. Be sure that you compare the materials across different quotes, as it could be that one is more expensive due to being a superior final product.
  • Labour – Job complexity, the size of the team, the area of the roof… all these factors will go into working out the final labour costs. Make sure you get a quote that includes all the labour that’s expected on the job, and don’t sign up to one that provides a day rate instead of a project total as that can spiral out of control.
  • Project timeline – You need to know how the project is going to be managed, when it will start and, essentially, when it will be completed. All of this should be on the quote. Ask if weather or other factors have been considered as they can affect the timeline.
  • Warranty – The quote should detail warranty terms for both materials and the workmanship. Make sure it is clearly stated how long the warranty will last and what aspects it covers.
  • VAT – VAT should be clearly stated on the invoice. Bear in mind that a warm roof should often be VAT exempt, so check to see if you’re getting a warm roof.
  • Payment terms – Check the payment schedule. It is standard to have some payment upfront, but a company asking for a full cash outlay before the project is started should have you a little concerned. Discuss the payment terms and make sure you are happy with them before continuing.
  • Small print – Read the whole quote and contract to make sure there’s no room for confusion. The last thing you want is for something to be added to the project half way through and for you to discover it was in the quote for them to do so.

Final Quotes and Initial Estimates

Your quotes may well have two stages: an initial estimate that is really more of an approximation and a final quote that represents a clear agreement once a technical assessment has been done and all the calculations are complete. Remember, you are not obliged to agree just because they have worked on the quote – remember what we said about pressure tactics!

Why A Flat Roof Survey is Vital

Make sure a full flat roof survey has been undertaken before you agree to a final quote. Any company quoting without checking the roof thoroughly first is going to get a lot wrong – or they’re going to end up presenting you with a final price that’s nothing like the initial quote.

And what do you do about that if your flat roof is only half done?!

A flat roof survey will include:

  • A detailed inspection of your current flat roof or your architect’s drawings.
  • A written report.
  • A damage report that includes photographic evidence of any ‘trouble spots’.
  • A fully-costed action plan, itemising the work step-by-step.
  • A full design, including any follow-on work (such as a terrace or balcony if needed).

It is not unusual for professional flat roof contractors to charge an additional sum for this survey as it is labour intensive – however, at PFR, we usually provide this service free of charge, saving you £295 (+VAT)!

Getting a Flat Roof Quote with PFR

Of course, we recommend that you come to us for your flat roofing needs. Not only do we offer a free survey, but we also have a team of experts with decades of experience. No red flags here!

Why not give us a call or use our online quote calculator to get an early idea of the costs involved?

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