How Much Does Flat Roof Insulation Cost?

flat roof insulation cost

When your home isn’t energy efficient, the cost is considerable. Ever-rising energy costs mean that it is no longer sensible to ignore home insulation. Once you’ve ruled out some of the easier problems, like draughty doors or poor window coverings, your eyes turn upward to the roof.

As we all know, hot air rises and, if your roof insulation isn’t up to scratch, it means you are spending your money heating the outside air as much as you are your home – and there’s a lot of outside to heat! Good roof insulation is a must. Thankfully, if you have a flat roof, you can install excellent modern warm-roof insulation that’s superior to most traditional methods. How much does the top-end flat roofing insulation cost, though? At PFR, we have the answers.

Signs That Your Flat Roofing Insulation Needs Replacing

Before we start delving into the cost of flat roof insulation, it’s important to check that it’s really what’s needed. There are some tell-tale signs that your roof insulation needs replacing.


Damaged insulation – as well as a damaged roof – can lead to water leaks. If you are suffering leaks from the ceiling, it should be checked out. If you can’t determine the source of the leak, then have the area professionally inspected.

Cold Areas

Tracking down the source of a cold spot in your house should be relatively simple. Often, this will lead to you discovering a non-roof-related problem, such as a window or door, but if those options are eliminated, then the roof insulation may well be to blame.

High Energy Bills

Everyone’s bills seem to be constantly going up, but if yours are higher than you’d expect, consider your roof insulation.

Excessive Condensation

Condensation occurs when the warm, moist air from inside meets a cold surface. If you are getting condensation on or near the roof, then the roof insulation isn’t doing its job.

Visible Damage

Any visible damage to the roof or the insulation should be immediately checked and rectified. Remember – the sooner you fix any damage, the cheaper the repair cost is going to ultimately be.

Roof Leak

Understanding the Types of Flat Roof

At PFR, we are advocates of modern warm flat roofs. That means the insulation is on the outside of the roof, with a vapour control layer that keeps condensation well under control.

The opposite – the cold roof – has the insulation inside the roof space between the rafters. Cold roofs need ventilation to deal with condensation and let out heat as part of that ventilation system. Cold roofs have been the solution to condensation for decades, providing a way to insulate buildings when no other superior ideas existed, but with the technological improvements of the warm roof system, a cold roof is no longer really needed.

With a properly sealed, warm flat roof, the warm air – that you’ve spent money and energy heating! – is kept inside the house. Heat loss is far less, and the house stays warmer for longer.

What Impacts Flat Roofing Insulation Cost?

OK, so down to the nitty gritty – how much does it cost?!

Like all construction, there are several factors that affect the price. Without having a proper survey done, we can’t give you an exact figure.

But a “ballpark estimate”? You should plan for flat roof insulation to cost between £120 and £290 per square metre. What is it that makes such a range?

  • The type of roof – We’ve spoken about warm flat roof insulation vs. cold flat roof insulation. The materials that your roof is made from is not the only consideration. Quality of contractor, warranties, service and paperwork all affect the price. Costs for insulation on an EPDM roof are different to those for a felt roof.
  • Access – Much of the cost of roof insulation is down to labour, and the difficulties accessing your roof can make a huge impact.
  • Other challenges – While access can present a major challenge, it’s not the only one. Your situation is unique, and that means the cost of installing or upgrading your flat roof insulation is also unique.
  • Size – The size of the project is a significant factor in the end cost, but, of course, it doesn’t actually impact the ballpark estimate provided here. Simply multiply our rough figures by the size of your roof to get an estimation of cost.

What are the Advantages of Replacing Flat Roof Insulation?

Obviously, committing to the cost of flat roofing insulation is a significant undertaking, so is it just about cutting down on your energy bills, or are there other advantages?

First of all, it cannot be understated how having comfortable and efficient modern insulation makes a significant difference to your quality of life. Unfortunately, many people across the UK are suffering in homes with poor insulation and one of the biggest impacts is on their health. Damp and mould cause respiratory problems as well as damage to your furnishings and possessions. 

Often, the link between the damp conditions in the home and the regular poor health of you and your family is difficult to spot, leading to years of complacency that only exacerbates the underlying issues.

Comprehensive modern warm flat roof insulation helps eliminate these problems with results that can be seen almost immediately.

Furthermore, ensuring that your home is properly maintained and has efficient insulation adds significantly to its value. Prospective buyers are looking to move in as easily as possible and don’t want to have to consider insulation renovations – by being able to show that the flat roof insulation is up-to-date, you make your property a lot more appealing.

The improved comfort, energy saving, and value that are all added by installing quality flat roof insulation make it a worthwhile investment in your home.

Flat Roof Insulation with PFR

Our experts at PFR will undertake a quality survey to ensure your flat roofing insulation costs are properly calculated. Our installation expertise means the problems of access are minimised and the overall cost is accurately estimated. For further information and a no-obligation quote, contact us today.

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