Commercial Flat Roof Repairs – 5 Things You Need To Know

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

Is the flat roof on your commercial property leaking? Perhaps it’s looking a little worse for wear. Believe us when we say you’re not alone – plenty of commercial flat roof repairs are well past overdue. It’s just part of the ongoing cycle of building maintenance that needs to be considered.

Understanding that roof repair is essential to keeping costs down though, and having a good grip on the scope and scale of what might be needed helps make those all-important when, how, and who questions easier to answer.

Here’s our expert list of 5 things you should know about commercial flat roof repairs:

1 – The Damage To Look For On Your Flat Roof

Not all flat roof damage looks the same. Some are obvious, some less so. Common issues include:

  • Missing Roof Felt – This can be quite an easy one to see, as gaps in the roof felting will look quite different to the surrounding area. Repair immediately!
  • Ponding – Ponding is when water collects in dips on your flat roof. A little temporary puddling is not outside the normal expectations for any roof, but persistent standing water is a problem that needs looking at.
  • Alligatoring – Alligatoring is cracks in the roof caused by sun and weather wear (they look like reptilian skin!). Repairing early can definitely save on costs.
  • Blistering – This happens when air and moisture expand the surface to create bulges and lumps. While it’s a low-level problem in the early days, it will grow and even crack, forcing you to get those repairs done.
  • Rips and Tears – Fighting off the hot sun and dealing with the cold of winter can mean your roof membrane stretches and contracts as it changes temperature, and eventually, this can cause tears. Easy to fix early, much more costly at a later stage.
  • Missing Flashing – Like roof felt, flashing can become damaged and break away. Check those edges and repair as needed.
  • Mould – Gathered mould, moss, and mushrooms are signs of water collecting for longer periods. The mould is easy to clean off, but may be hiding a bigger problem. Time to get the roof checked.

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

2 – The Importance of Early Repair

Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can give is that waiting is costly. You might think your roof can handle a little tear, that the leak is small and doesn’t present a big problem, but…well, you’d be wrong.

Once water gets in, you’re dealing with a much bigger issue than it may seem.

Water in your building causes long-term internal damage. Mould and mildew will form, your ceilings will weaken and may eventually collapse, wood will rot, and the overall structural damage will become worse and worse every day. Rain outside stops being just part of the weather, and instead starts to represent the elements working their way through your premises, destroying it ever-so-slowly.

And, nine times out of ten, it’s so easy to fix! The cost of a minor repair is many times smaller than the cost of a major one – especially if that major one includes tearing out and replacing any of the internal structure.

The key takeaway here? Don’t wait – get it sorted as soon as you see it and save £££s!

3 – The Answer to the Contractor Conundrum

The ‘who’ part of the equation – choosing the team for your commercial flat roof repair is important. You can’t just pick at random but need to consider all of the following:

  • Their expertise
  • Their insurance and public liability cover
  • Their work guarantee
  • The size of their team
  • The quality of references and reviews
  • Memberships to professional bodies

Why is this? Well, not wanting to state the obvious, but a well-established company with a good reputation will have a well-trained team of experienced technicians or installers who are efficient and respectful. They’ll be financially covered in case anything goes wrong and will be well aware of all the industry standards that need to be followed.

Choosing inexperienced one-man bands may look cheaper in the short term but rarely provides the security that’s essential for the professional sector. After all, this flat roof repair is for your commercial property, the home of your business. Trust is everything.

Of course, we have reason to recommend a commercial flat roof repair company with these credentials, but it’s not all talk – why not call us for a free comprehensive no-obligation survey and see for yourself?

4 – The Repair Options Available

Found a problem? Here’s what can be done:

  • Patching – A cost-effective solution if the problem is confined to a smaller area. Take care though, as patching may only be a temporary fix, especially if there are larger underlying issues.
  • Coating – A coating repair may extend the lifespan of your roof and may fix a number of minor issues outright, but like patching, coating may not address underlying problems and doesn’t provide a catch-all solution for everything.
  • Partial Replacement – Where the damage is extensive, a partial replacement may be the best course of action. It will solve the issues in the area replaced, but it can create a mismatch in your roof maintenance and replacement where part of your roof is simply newer than other sections, and you might have to do the other part soon. That can mean paying out for the labour twice when it could have been cheaper to do it all at once.
  • Full Replacement – Not technically a ‘roof repair’, a full replacement means doing away with the old damaged roof and putting in a superior modern flat roof. You’ll benefit from a long-term guaranteed solution with improved insulation if appropriate. However, a full commercial flat roof replacement is far from the cheapest option.

5 – The Cost of Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Often the most important consideration – how much is this going to cost?

Of course, it’s an impossible answer to give without undertaking a complete flat roof assessment, but these are the factors that will affect your repair costs:

  • Materials
  • Ease of access
  • Project complexity
  • Scale and size of repair
  • Age of roof
  • Quality and experience of contractor company

The best way forward is to contact us to perform our free, comprehensive flat roof survey. There’s no obligation to use us for your repair, though we’re confident in the value of our professionalism.

At PFR, we provide a reliable and professional service, using only quality materials to give you the peace of mind you need. Plus, there are no surprises – your quote is the quote – we don’t add any extras when it’s too late for you to say ‘no’.

Why not contact us today?

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