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Transforming Commercial Spaces with Protective Flat Roofing Solutions & A Range of Insurance-Backed Warranties

Why Commercial Flat Roofing Matters?

From enhancing energy efficiency to protecting commercial spaces against diverse weather, expert flat roofing is essential. Choosing specialist commercial flat roofing contractors (that’s us!) guarantees the perfect blend of expertise and precision for a more proactive approach to roofing.

At Proactive Flat Roofing (PFR for short), we understand that every commercial property deserves more than just a roof – they deserve a barrier to enhance the spaces they protect that will stand the test of time.

Whether it’s a block of flats, a department store, theatre, office building or a regional hospital building, our commitment to providing the perfect flat roofing solution is the same. We treat every commercial roofing project with a personalised approach, ensuring a seamless fit with the unique needs of each building.

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5 Common Problems With Commercial Flat Roofs

Designing and installing flat roofs isn’t a simple task, and the 5 most common problems that occur include:


Leakage Woes

Commercial flat roofs often face challenges with water pooling, inadequate drainage or ageing materials that lead to leaks.

116 Felt blistering

Material Deterioration

Weathering and exposure to the elements can cause roofing materials to deteriorate, affecting their structural integrity and performance.


Standing Water

An accumulation of standing water, AKA ponding, is a common problem in sagging roof sections or clogged drainage systems.


Flashing Failures

Leaks can occur when the thin piece of metal (flashing) used around chimneys, vents and edges to make things watertight is faulty or ages.

Causes of Condensation In a Roof (4)

Membrane Damage

The waterproof membrane is a crucial part of flat roofing systems, and if damage occurs, water may leak through.

Expert installation, proactive inspection and regular maintenance are key to addressing these issues and ensuring your commercial flat roof lasts for years to come.

Need a reliable solution to fix your flat roof woes? Contact Proactive Flat Roofing today for lasting solutions and a stress-free experience.

About Proactive Flat Roofing - Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors

Proactive Flat Roofing defies the norm to ensure that your commercial flat roof lasts well beyond the typical 10-year industry standard. How? Because at Proactive Flat Roofing, we’re focused on quality, honesty and exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re a commercial developer, architect, facilities manager, commercial property owner or property portfolio owner, if you’re looking for a reliable, reputable and resourceful commercial flat roofer to take care of your flat roofing projects, look no further!

You can put your trust in Proactive Flat Roofing to provide you with stress-free, long-lasting commercial flat roof solutions.

Founded by industry experts Stephen Day and Paull Newsome, Proactive Flat Roofing has been providing clients in London, the South East and the South West of England with exceptional and unrivalled flat roofing solutions for over two decades.

Price Match Guarantee

While many flat roofs falter within 10 years, ours defy the norm!

We don’t feel people should have to settle for second best because of cost; that’s why we  also guarantee to price match any other ‘like-for-like’ flat roofing quotation. Meaning you can feel confident that the price you pay will deliver the expert service you deserve.

Why Choose Proactive Flat Roofing?

Unmatched Customer Commitment

At PFR, we are committed to delivering top-tier customer service. Our core values of honesty, responsibility and accountability give you peace of mind that we’ll be there for you at every step of the project to ensure a stress-free process from start to finish.

Future-Ready Roofing Solutions

We know that investing in commercial property isn’t cheap. Our energy-efficient Vanguard waterproofing system will help to keep energy costs down while protecting and enhancing your space for years to come.

Trusted. Accredited. Insured.

Proactive Flat Roofing is a CHAS-accredited contractor, approved member of CORC and a member of the NRFC roofing competent person scheme. We also hold full liability insurance should the unexpected happen, plus PI insurance for roof design (this is probably unique!)

Ready to experience exceptional customer service, flat roofing solutions and aftercare? Be proactive about your roofing, and contact us now!

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

When The Original Contractor Refused To Return, Kris Turned To Proactive Roofing Solutions To Help.

Kris Jaggs is a busy Facilities Manager.

He looks after a portfolio of seven care homes for a growing Care Home Business and needs to be confident that the roofing contractors he chooses are reliable, compliant with all aspects of health and Safety, and of course do what they say they will.

Having a great level of communication on all aspects of the project was key too.

Kris Jaggs-Facilities Manager Greensleeves Care Ltd London

Find Out Why Kevin, An Experienced Local Builder Chose Proactive Flat Roofing Solutions For His Own Dream Home

Kevin Gibbs is a third generation local builder with multiple house builds under his belt and a dislike of any kind of flat roof!

When he was forced by a planning decision to have a flat roof on his own home you better believe he did some significant research.

The result made him very happy with the advice, service and the outcome.

Kevin Gibbs, Local Builder, Taunton Somerset

"In simple terms, Stephen knows his stuff!"

Recently I built five, four-bedroom homes in Surrey. While I’m experienced with refurbishing and extending properties, this was my first new build project, and the first time I had to meet standards set by the company that issues the building warranty. When I reached out for help with the flat roofs, I was looking for someone who understood what I was up against, and who could inspire confidence. Stephen was the first person to get back to me showing the right kind interest. I’d spoken to others; I just wasn’t getting what I needed in terms of advice. So I was happy when I found someone on the phone that seemed friendly, straight talking and well informed. I liked him right away. I had a thousand and one questions for Stephen, and I particularly want to thank him for his patience. The building was nearly at roof level when I called him in. I needed lots of answers, and I needed them fast. When I described my issues to him on the phone, he instantly knew what I was talking about. And if there was ever a time that he didn’t know straight away he’d find out and get back to me. So his responsiveness impressed me. Just to give you an example, I had my carpenters laying the wooden roof deck ready to hand over, when questions came up about the ventilation system. I was under pressure to get the roof on, and while it’s easy reading the book about the standard required for the warranty, it’s not one hundred percent clear. In this kind of situation you know he’s got the answers. “Don’t do it like that, this is how it needs to be done. Put this in, don’t do that. Simple.” Stephen is extremely professional, very helpful. He’s well informed of his facts and he knows what he’s talking about. To put it in its simplest terms, he knows his stuff.

Prakash Vara Concept 8 Ltd Weybridge, Surrey

"Paull has done numerous new build and replacement flat roofs for me. Everybody walks away happy."

I own a building company in the Cotswolds, established in 1881. We do the typical work of general builders, including house extensions and refurbishments. In the nine years or so that I’ve known Paull he’s done numerous flat roofs for us. We have a really good working relationship and have always been really satisfied with his service. He’s always coming up with things. What I mean is if you’ve got a problem, even if you think you know how to sort it out, he’ll normally find a better way to do it. Needless to say I don’t go to anybody else apart from Paull for flat roofing. Because I know that when he does it, it’ll be done right and everybody walks away happy.

Philip Horton AS Cooke Builders Stroud

Types of Commercial Roofing Projects We Can Help With

From expansive retail parks to essential healthcare facilities, at PFR, we know that each commercial roofing project demands a specific approach.

Here’s a list of some common commercial flat roofing projects we can help with:

  • Retail spaces: Large department stores, retail parks, and individual shopping outlets often need extensive, robust and reliable roofing solutions to protect their goods and create a comfortable retail environment.
  • Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, GP surgeries and other health and wellbeing services require watertight roofing to ensure a sterile, safe space for patients and expensive medical equipment.
  • Office buildings: Blending functionality with aesthetic appeal is essential when designing flat roof solutions for corporate buildings to offer protection alongside an appealing and professional appearance.
  • Industrial estates: Factories and manufacturing units often require heavy-duty, durable roofing that can withstand strong machinery vibrations and potential chemical exposure.
  • Educational buildings: Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities all benefit from commercial flat roofing that prioritises longevity, low maintenance and energy efficiency.
  • Hospitality establishments: From hotels to nightclubs, restaurants to cafés, and everything between, hospitality premises need the help of a commercial flat roofer to protect people from the elements and look great too.


Don’t see your type of commercial property listed? When it comes to commercial flat roofing projects, we can put a roof on them all!

Meet The Specialist Commercial Roofing Team

Your commercial flat roofing project is in safe hands when you choose Proactive Flat Roofing.

Co-founder and Commercial Director, Paull Newsome is an active member of the Institute of Roofing (IoR), which gives him valuable insight into the industry, helping to keep PFR at the top of the roofing ladder.

Whether you’re dealing with a carefully selected member of our management, operations, support, survey or installations team, everybody at PFR has a powerful set of tools for the job. Allowing them to get things right for you from the offset and throughout your customer journey with us.

Stephen Day

Managing Director

Paull Newsome

Commercial Director

Ready To Take Your Commercial Flat Roofing Project To The Next Level?

From retail spaces to healthcare facilities, Proactive Flat Roofing offers tailored advice and design solutions for all your commercial flat roofing projects. Our exceptional customer service and unparalleled flat roofing expertise ensure a perfect finishing touch to your commercial property for years to come.

Contact us now to begin a roofing transformation!

About Proactive Flat Roofing

High-Quality, Energy-Saving Flat Roofs Built To Last

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Founded by flat roofing experts with over 4 decades of combined experience in the industry, we use our exceptional level of technical knowledge, combined with honesty, professionalism and skilled workmanship to ensure every customer gets a high-quality solution that works for their property – and stands the test of time! 

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