Flat Roof Insulation: The Key to Energy Efficiency

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We all know that insulation is the most important factor when it comes to keeping the heat inside your home and the cold outside. It might come as a shock, therefore, to learn that most older flat roofs have no insulation whatsoever – nada, zip, nothing! Plus, plenty of those with insulation are suffering from older, substandard insulation, leaking 25% of your home’s heat straight up through the roof.

It only takes a moment to consider what that’s doing to your heating bills, especially in the colder months.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that will keep your home cosy – efficient flat roof insulation.

What is Flat Roof Insulation?

There are two types of flat roof – a cold roof and a warm roof. A cold roof is one where the insulation is inside the roof space, between the rafters, and the roof needs to be ventilated to avoid the horrors of condensation. In a cold roof, the cold outside air is drawn in, while the warm air is let out to take the moisture with it and prevent damp and rot from settling.

A warm roof works by having the insulation on the outside of the roof – literally out on the roof itself – and a vapour control layer that ensures condensation isn’t a problem. The roof is kept warm without the cold air being let in, thus the different terms.

In doing the work of letting out the warm air to prevent condensation, a cold roof also lets out heat. A properly sealed, warm flat roof, on the other hand, keeps the warm air in circulation, significantly lowering heat loss and making for a better-insulated, warmer house.

What The Right Flat Roof Insulation Can Do

There are many benefits to warm flat roof insulation:

  • Lower energy costs – In a world of energy awareness and considerable energy bills, the fact that these costs are lowered thanks to good insulation is primary.
  • A more comfortable home – A warm house is a cosy house. One of the unfortunate steps many people have to take to lower their energy bills is to simply use less heating and suffer a chilly home. This problem is significantly lessened through professionally installed insulation.
  • Less condensation – Condensation is a destructive force in the home. What starts off as a few drops on a ceiling or wall can become long-lasting mould and rot, damaging the property and threatening your family’s health. With warm roof insulation, condensation in the roof area is a thing of the past.
  • Increased property value – One of the key things a buyer will be interested in is the energy efficiency and insulation standard in the prospective house purchase. Professionally installed flat roof insulation will ensure your home is properly valued.

Warm Roof: The Ultimate Flat Roof Insulation

There’s no doubt that the technology of a warm roof is superior to other forms of flat roof insulation. Cold roof insulation dates back to the 1980s, as people tried to solve the problem of even poorer insulation and condensation issues that came from post-war homes built during a time when these considerations were simply not understood.

This fifty-year-old insulation solution has been truly superseded with multiple developments ever since, leading to the warm roof system, which reduces heat loss and is a true long-term solution.

Installing a warm roof is a task for professionals, as it must be done properly and is by no means a DIY job, but for experts, it is not too disruptive and can be done quickly and efficiently. Warm roof insulation can be retrofitted onto your current flat roof, meaning there’s no need to worry that an entirely new roof is needed, and costs can be kept down.

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Flat Roof Insulation with the PFR Guarantee

One of the problems associated with roof insulation for homeowners is the amount of trust you need to put in the company that does it. At PFR, we are all too aware of the number of less-reputable firms out there that give the industry a poor reputation. It’s for this reason that we introduced our comprehensive lifetime guarantee on our flat roof insulation work. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it also serves as a benefit to the value of your home – how many other properties on the market can provide such a guarantee?

We can only offer this high level of service because we truly believe in the superiority of the warm roof system. It really is the ideal solution for a problem that, for many years, was believed to be inevitable – for so many decades, cold roof insulation with its inefficient ventilation was accepted simply because no one had discovered a viable alternative. For flat roofs in the UK, the warm roof system for flat roof insulation really is a game-changer.

As part of the government’s long-term plans and dedication to improving the insulation and energy efficiency of homes across the UK, the installation of warm roof insulation is exempt from VAT, making it extremely cost-effective. With the savings on your home heating bills, an investment into a warm roof will pay for itself between five and ten years – even sooner if energy prices continue to rise.

To find out more about the warm roof system, why not read our in-depth article on warm roofs vs. cold roofs

Installing a Warm Roof with PFR

Benefit from decades of reduced energy bills with modern flat roof insulation – it’s good for you and good for the planet!

At PFR, our service includes a comprehensive and free flat roof survey. Book your survey with us today to have a professional assessment of your flat roof insulation needs that includes a free 23-point Roof Condition Report, Action Plan, and itemised quote – worth £295+VAT.

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