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More and more of us are starting to focus on ways to reduce our energy consumption as we see our energy costs soar, especially in the winter months as energy companies look for ways to claw back cash from us.

Did you know that 25% of the heat you are generating in the winter is lost through your flat roof, sometimes more if you have a concrete roof? You are literally sending your hard-earned cash up through your flat roof if you fail to take action.

The good news is that you can solve this problem and now have the Chancellor pay for some of it. As of April 2022 VAT was cut to 0% on certain energy efficiency measures you make as a homeowner, the good news is that flat roof insulation was one of these measures.

The added benefit to this is that in the process of upgrading your flat roofing insulation you also get to include a new flat roof waterproofing covering and any work involved in this upgrade also attracts ZERO VAT, such as scaffolding etc.

We have customers who have seen their heating and energy bills reduce significantly by fitting one of our Eco-Warm Flat Roofing Systems™. It’s like putting a waterproof “duvet” over your flat roof, in some instances the heat loss has dropped from over 10 degrees to less than 1 degree!

Thermal image before and after installing a Vanguard Eco-Warm flat roofing system
Thermal image before and after installing a Vanguard Eco-Warm flat roofing system

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