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23 Years Experience In Flat Roof Repair & Flat Roof Replacement In Devon

Need flat roof repair, flat roof replacement or flat roof insulation in Devon? At Proactive Flat Roofing, we have over 23 years of industry experience in repairing, replacing and insulating flat roofing.

When it comes to your property, there’s no room for shortcuts; we’re here to future-proof your home or premises. Our team has the technical know-how to protect your roof, and the professionalism to provide a friendly service that sets a new standard within the roofing industry.

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, your flat roofing can benefit from the care and expert attention of our experienced team.

Common Problems With Flat Roofs In Devon

Flat roofs have a unique design that can make them susceptible to some issues, and this can be especially true in the Devon area, where the weather can turn from sunny to rainy in an instant. With salt and wind corrosion, your flat roof could be seriously impacted in the coastal areas too. Some of the most common problems that your Devon flat roofs can encounter include:


Water leaks are a serious and potentially property-damaging issue in a flat roof. Leaks can be caused by multiple things, including poor fitting, perishing materials and damage.


Cracks can occur in roofing material due to exposure to the elements and even long-term wear and tear. These cracks can lead to water infiltration and more damage.


If you see blisters or bubbling on the surface of your flat roof, this is probably because of trapped moisture or improper roof installation. They can seriously compromise your roof’s integrity.

Standing Water

Standing water can lead to obvious water damage, is especially likely in mineral felt roofs, and can seep into failing joints, expanding and stressing the joint when temperatures freeze. Proper drainage is key!


Condensation can occur within your flat roof during warm and colder periods due to the movement of warm, moist air. This condensation can cause serious water damage and mould growth. It requires smart design and vapour barrier use to avoid condensation occurring.

Wind up-lift damage

Constant and occasional gusts can lift the layers of your flat roof and lead to exposure of the structure and water damage. A properly fitted and sturdy roof is required in coastal and windy spots.

Saltwater Damage

Like wind damage, saltwater damage affects properties close to the coast, where salt water can get blown toward your flat roof and cause degradation of materials.

The good news is that flat roof problems can often be fixed, but you have to act fast to prevent costly damage to your property.

Flat Roof Repair, Replacement & Insulation In Devon

Save Money On Your Flat Roofing - And Your Heating Bills Too!

A good flat roof can last you a lifetime, but many flat roofs are poorly fitted, made from the wrong materials or just not built to last. At Proactive Flat Roofing, we’re specialists in flat roof replacement and flat roof repair in Devon. Flat roofs are all we do!

That means we know exactly how to solve your flat roofing problems and provide you with a new flat roof that will withstand the harsh Devon weather and stand the test of time.

Why Choose Proactive Flat Roofing…

About Proactive Flat Roofing

Your Flat Roofing Experts In Devon - Including Exeter, Barnstaple, Torquay, Plymouth & Surrounding Areas

Proactive Flat Roofing is a reputable, reliable and professional flat roofing company in Devon. Most flat roofs fail within 5-10 years, and when they do the company which installed them is often long gone, but Proactive is here to change that.

With our own climate-change-ready, future-proof Vanguard waterproofing system, exceptional customer care and a unique lifetime guarantee, we’re breaking the “cowboy” stigma in the flat roofing industry and helping homeowners in Devon to get a long-lasting, stress-free solution for flat roofs that you can rely on.

Founded by Stephen Day & Paull Newsome, two flat roofing experts with over 4 decades of combined experience in the industry, Proactive focuses on quality, honesty and professionalism using its exceptional level of technical knowledge to ensure every customer gets a high-quality solution that works.

Why Trust Us With Your Flat Roof Repair In Devon?

Unmatched Expertise

At Proactive Flat Roofing, we have a team of seasoned professionals, each with years of experience under their belt in flat roof repair in Devon. Our experts understand the unique challenges that flat roofing in Devon can pose, and they have the know-how to handle them all. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your flat roof is in the best hands.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

We believe the foundation of a reliable flat roof lies in using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. That’s why we use top-grade, fit-for-purpose materials on every job. Our meticulous eye for detail means every repair is done with reliable precision, guaranteeing the durability of your newly repaired flat roof.

Customised Solutions

Every flat roof is unique, as you can quickly see for yourself if you take a look at your neighbours’ flat roofs! At Proactive Flat Roofing, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. We provide you with customised solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. We want your home to be safe, secure and protected as much as you do.

Responsive, Stress-Free Service

It’s always stressful dealing with problems with your property, but with our team on hand, it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on providing responsive and stress-free services. Our team is always ready to assist you, answer questions and accommodate your requirements. Flat roof repair in Devon doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Free Roofing Survey & 23 Point Condition Report Worth £250

Our free flat roofing condition report gives you a detailed and accurate report of your roof. We’ll take the time to make sure you understand everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision. 


Your Flat Roof Questions Answered!

How Do I Know If My Flat Roof Needs Repair Or Replacement?

Figuring out whether your flat roof needs repair or replacement involves looking for a few clear warning signs. These include water leaks, cracks and visible damage such as splitting or deterioration in the flat roof membrane. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our experts can conduct a thorough assessment of your roof and recommend the best solution.

The duration of a repair can depend on a few things. The biggest factor is the extent of the damage. Minor repairs can often be completed in less than a day, while larger repairs may require several days to ensure a comprehensive and lasting fix.

At Proactive Flat Roofing, we can build, repair, replace or maintain your flat roofing in Devon. We do it all, and we do it well! Flat roofing can be complicated to get right, which is why we always advise you to choose your flat roofing company carefully, whether it’s to replace or repair. With over 23 years in the industry, we’re glad to be able to offer the flat roofing expertise we do so you can focus on making the most of your property.

With regular maintenance and the use of quality materials in the initial build, a flat roof can have a lifespan of 20-25 years or even longer. Our experts can guide you on the proper care to extend the longevity of your flat roof.

In Devon, flat roof damage can come from several common culprits. First of all is the weather exposure, which can be expected in the sometimes stormy climate of Devon, but sun exposure can be just as damaging as rain. And the risks don’t end there for Devon flat roofs, as wind exposure and salt water can create additional hazards for your roofing.

Then there is standing water, where water pools in certain spots of your roof because of poor construction, and finally, a lack of maintenance. To prevent damage, regular inspections and timely repairs are definitely essential. Our team can assess your roof’s condition and recommend preventative measures

We certainly can. It’s possible to repair flat roofing in wet weather, but it can also depend on the extent of the damage and the safety of the conditions. If there’s a drizzle or a downpour during a minor repair, our team can still get to work. But if your damage is severe or requires full replacement, we may need to assess the situation and ensure it’s safe and practical to go ahead as scheduled.

Absolutely. At Proactive Flat Roofing, we are proud to offer a unique Eco-Warm Roofing System supporting the environment and the energy efficiency of your home. You may be surprised to find out most older flat roofs in the UK have little to no insulation in them, but our Vanguard Eco-Warm Flat Roof solutions give you high-performing insulation to reduce heat loss, save you money on heating bills and protect the environment.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain your flat roof to help it live longer. You should clear debris, inspect for damage and address any obvious issues promptly. Ideally, you can schedule annual professional inspections so problems are found early and you don’t end up paying out for a whole new roof when it could have been a quick repair.

To prepare for a flat roof repair or replacement, clear the work area of any obvious obstacles, such as bins or large objects. You could also secure any fragile items and make sure pets are kept in a safe area during the repair process. Our team will let you know in detail what to expect when you get in touch.

Flat Roof Repair In Devon

Efficient Solutions For Flat Roof Issues

If you’re experiencing any of those common flat roof problems we mentioned, you should know it’s essential to get them sorted out fast. This can not only save you worry and more serious structural issues, but it will also save you money on more extensive repairs. Our flat roof repair services in Devon are designed to fix these problems efficiently and effectively.

Our expert team will assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a quote and plan for the repair. Whether it’s a small crack or a widespread problem, we’ve got your roof covered.

Flat Roof Replacement In Devon

Renewing The Integrity Of Your Home Or Premises

In some cases, a flat roof may be beyond repair or simply too old, and a replacement becomes the best option. If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan or has sustained extensive damage, a flat roof replacement is a cost-effective and long-term solution.

At Proactive Roofing Solutions, we specialise in flat roof replacements in Devon. Our process is thorough and designed to provide you with a brand-new, durable flat roof.

How Much Does A Flat Roof Cost In Devon

Transparent Pricing, Quality Solutions

You might have found it difficult to get a clear price online for your flat roof repair or replacement. The truth is, that flat roof costs can be complex, and the final number really does depend on your specific roof, damage type and severity and more. To give you a clear and precise quote, we begin with a site survey to assess your requirements.

We’ll then be able to give you an exact quote, taking into account your budget and needs. Of course, it’s always important to note that investing in quality roofing services can save you money in the long run. And when it comes to keeping a roof over your head, it’s worth getting the experts in.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get an estimate for the cost of your flat roof, use our online quote calculator here. PRS guarantees to match any other “like for like” flat roofing quote, so you know you’re getting the best price with the highest standards in the industry.

Getting Your Flat Roof Repaired Or Replaced

The Simple Process

Get a Quote For Flat Roof Replacement In Devon

If you’re in need of flat roof repair in Devon or flat roof replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, whether your property is domestic or commercial. Our expert team is on hand to assess your flat roofing needs and provide a detailed quote for your project. Get in touch by phone or email today to book your flat roof survey and get a detailed quote.

Trust us with your flat roofing in Devon, and take the first step towards a secure and durable flat roof.