Flat Roof Installation: What To Expect

Flat Roof Installation

Replacing the waterproof covering on your building can seem daunting! While it might be part of a normal day for us, we understand our customers are experiencing such an event for the first (and probably only) time.

So, what should you expect during your flat roof installation? Well, we can’t speak for all companies as each does like to do things a little differently, but we can give you the rundown on how we do things here at PFR. Read on to learn all about our process!

Stage 1 – Quoting for Your Flat Roof Installation

Not all companies quote the same way. Some are experts like us, and will come and do a full survey, identifying all potential problems and making sure everything is properly prepared for. Others will take a quick glance, write a number on a scrap of paper, and try to convince you they’re ‘professionals’. Hmm…

You should insist on a roof survey. It’s the only way the roofing company is going to know what to expect, as even the best of us don’t have x-ray vision or the ability to process a whole roof in thirty seconds. At PFR, we offer a free and comprehensive flat roof survey as part of our service – for more info, take a look here.

Once the survey is done, we’re able to provide a complete quote without hidden extras – with us, what you see is what you pay for. Peace of mind and transparency – that’s the key.

Quotes done, background research done (do look for some strong testimonials) and project accepted by both parties – time to move forward. If you like the sound of working with PFR,  read on!

The Flat Roof Installation Process

Stage One – Planning

The quote will come with a full action plan. A detailed written part of the quote that outlines the proposed work. This will help you feel confident and aware of all timescales as the project is undertaken.

Once you’ve reviewed the quote, had all your questions answered (do ask them, no matter how silly you think they are – we’re here to make you feel comfortable with us replacing your flat roof!), and placed an order, we will discuss scheduling. We typically start 4-6 weeks after agreement, though this can depend on your project’s complexity and our current workload. It may be a pain to wait, but we value all our customers and won’t rush a current job to get to the next one. Having said all that, for an urgent job we have been known to shift things around and start almost immediately!

Next comes the technical survey and planning. If you thought our initial survey was detailed (and it really is), you haven’t seen anything yet! The detailed technical survey measures everything down to the exact millimetre – there’s no room for error here.

In most cases, we’ll take a core sample from your existing roof to assess thermal efficiency, compliance with regulations, and to identify any potential issues like hidden damage, large-scale condensation, or rot. If we find anything at this stage that may affect the spec, everything will be discussed with you in detail and agreed – communication is key!

Stage Two – Preparation

This is the part of the job where we make sure we have all the materials, and the site is ready for us to work. Secure scaffolding will be erected around your property to ensure worker safety, we’ll have the materials delivered to your site, either with the installers or as we begin installation, and set up waste disposal equipment such as skips.

Stage Three – The Flat Roof Installation

Our friendly and professional installation team will arrive on-site to begin the flat roof installation process. The site manager will introduce the team to ensure you know who is coming to your property.

We’ll go through the timescales with you once more. Now that the time has come, we’ll be able to do an assessment that includes weather forecasting, which can be very important. If there are any expected extreme weather events, this may be a slight shift from the initial plan, but with care and forethought, these can be factored in to minimise any issues.

And then we get to work! Everything normally goes smoothly, but do remember this is a construction project, and sometimes we have to react to unforeseen circumstances. However, we have a project management team at the office to ensure things are managed and communicated effectively.

Stage Four – Quality Control and Completion

We are meticulous with our checking. We prioritise quality control throughout the installation process to ensure your new flat roof meets every building regulation and will perform optimally for its full lifetime.

Once the project is complete and the balance is paid, final quality checks are undertaken, the waste is taken away, and the scaffolding is removed. Your building is back to normal – with a brand new premium flat roof!

Stage Five – Enjoying Your New Roof

You will receive all the warranties and necessary building compliance certificates for your new flat roof – make sure to keep them safe for your records. At PFR, we value your feedback – we’re sure previous testimonials helped you make the decision to choose us, so you’ll understand the power of positive reviews. If you’re satisfied with our work and can find the time, we do appreciate it.

Stage Six – Maintenance and the Future

Our roofs are installed to the best possible quality, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about them entirely. All flat roofs, even top-notch PFR ones, need regular maintenance and care. Speak to our team about setting up regular inspections to make sure you never have to worry about a huge and unexpected repair bill.

Flat Roof Installation

Flat Roofing Installation FAQs

Still have the odd question? We’re here to answer. If you cannot find the answer to your query here, give us a call.

Q: What time does the work start and finish?

A: We’re professionals who work business hours, Monday to Friday, though we do like to kick things off early sometimes, so you can expect the team to be there bright and enthusiastic around 8 am.

Q: Do I need to make tea or coffee for the team?

A: Politeness and respect are much appreciated, but no, don’t feel obliged. Our team of professional contractors are all good planners and will pack a flask (or grab a meal deal!). That said, no one turns down a fresh brew, right? So, if you want to, we’re not going to say no very often!

Q: Will the contractors need to use my facilities?

A: Yes, they will need to use your toilet, unless you have opted for us to have a portaloo on site at the point of quoting.

Q: Do I have to arrange the scaffolding?

A: No, the scaffolding, the skips and anything else we need is all part of the price – and you’ll be able to see it itemised clearly in the quote.

Q: Can I check on the progress?

A: Health and safety means we can’t let you climb the scaffolding and see, unless you have express permission, but you will receive daily progress photos so you can see what’s happening.

Q: Will you still replace my flat roof in the rain?

A: We’re not put off by a bit of drizzle, but some aspects of flat roof installation do need the site to be dry, and high winds and lashing rain can be a safety hazard. Weather does affect the project, but we never let delays push us back too far, and we’ll keep you informed of any issues throughout.

Getting a Professional PFR Flat Roof Installation

If you need a flat roof installation, use our quote calculator to get an idea of the cost, or simply give us a call and speak to one of our helpful administrative team. 

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