Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors: What To Look For?

Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors: What To Look For?

Looking for someone to be there for your commercial flat roof repairs? A company you can trust to do an excellent professional job every time? Someone who isn’t too expensive?

How do you find the right commercial flat roofing contractors? A quick Google search and then clicking on the one at the top of the list?

What is it you need to look for? What actually makes a professional commercial flat roofing company? 

Let us tell you.

Spoiler alert: we’re definitely who you are looking for, but do read the article to understand why!

Qualities of a Top Commercial Flat Roofing Contractor

Before we get started, it’s important to make one clear point:

A professional roofer is not the same as a professional flat roofing specialist. It’s true; there’s a lot of skill crossover, and a professional general roofer is a far better bet than the bloke from the pub. But there are so many specialised skills and extra knowledge that go into flat roofs over pitched roofs, that we really recommend you make sure you’re looking at flat roof contractors, and not just roof contractors.
(Also, avoid flat roof contractors. They’re the ones that look like pancakes and can be thrown like frisbees…)

Here are our top tips on what you need to look for:

Extensive Commercial Experience

No beginners here. Yes, everyone needs to start somewhere, but that should be doing your time working for more experienced flat roof contractors. No company that pops out of nowhere and cannot demonstrate a proven track record in handling large-scale commercial flat roof projects should be considered seriously. Experience is everything.

A professional flat roofing contractor will have knowledge of multiple commercial roof types and materials, like single-ply membranes, built-up roofing (BUR), and even green roof experience.

Adherence to Building Regulations

Any company that’s actually professional and not made up of chancers is going to know all the relevant regulations for commercial flat roofs. This includes planning regulations, fire safety, structural integrity, and energy efficiency standards.

Project Management Expertise

Commercial roof projects require meticulous planning and execution. Discuss the project management side of things with your prospective contractor, and choose one with demonstrable project management skills to ensure timely completion and minimal disruption to your business operations.

Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors

A Focus on Safety

Not just to follow regulations, but because safety is important! No experienced company is going to put their employees, your employees, or members of the public at any risk. Commercial flat roofs can be hazardous work environments, so make sure you select a contractor who has a robust safety record and a commitment to worker safety.

Good Communication and Transparency

Clear communication is paramount for successful commercial projects, and a good, reputable company will never try to hide anything away or avoid your questions. Make sure your contractor keeps you informed throughout the process, addresses your concerns promptly and is able to readily answer any questions.


In the age of online reviews and testimonials, do a little research and make sure your prospective flat roofing contractor is regarded positively. You can also speak to past clients and ask to see previously completed projects yourself.

At PFR, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and the positive feedback we’ve had from previous clients. It’s a reputation gathered from decades of successful flat roof projects that show our expertise.

The Selections Process

Here’s a quick rundown on what you should do when selecting a commercial flat roof contractor for your premises:

  1. Pick your top three to five companies – It’s important to have a selection to dig into, so pick the ones that seem good on a cursory look for your further research.
  2. Compare projects on their websites – A decent website filled with case studies of previous work will let you know what they’ve done before and how it went. Look for those that are similar to your project.
  3. Read the ‘about us’ page – On many websites, this little page provides surprisingly useful information about the company’s history and can give you a really good idea of who you are dealing with. Many people overlook it, but many clues to the company can be found here.
    On our website, this is where you’ll find about Stephen’s ability to get the right people doing the right jobs, or read about Paull’s forty years of experience in the roofing industry.
  4. Cut your list back to a top three – Narrow down the list to the ones worth talking to.
  5. Request quotes – This is where things get serious! You’re going to see all sorts of things here: people who just guestimate based on basic info (more guess than true estimate), and others who undertake a comprehensive flat roof survey to develop into a thorough quote.
    We’ll let you guess which type we are at PFR..! Our free flat roof survey and 23-point condition report is part of our professional quote process and will tell you everything you need to know about your roof’s condition without you spending a penny!
  6. Compare quotes – See how they stack up against each other. Anything very low should ring alarm bells (what corners are they cutting?), and anything very high means you need to check what’s included.
  7. Speak to your favourite – This is where you can ask about the team, timescales, their insurance, and any other questions you might have before making your final selection.
  8. Decide to choose PFR – Well, you knew you were going to, right?!

Looking For The Difference

Your chosen commercial flat roofing contractor should rise above the rest – great communication, a spread of glowing references, and a price you feel is right.

At PFR, we have all that, of course we do, but don’t take our word on it – research us a bit and check to make sure.

We also have something else – a roofing system of our design.

We have developed the Vanguard Single-Ply Waterproofing System, a superior warm flat roof with a unique design that’s incredibly long-lasting with superior energy efficiency and a fantastic look. Find out more about Vanguard here.

No other company can offer this unique design – it’s a great reason to at least call us for a quote, right? We look forward to hearing from you!

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