Your Survey Request Has Been Recieved.


One of the Team will be in contact shortly to confirm your details and arrange the best time for our flat roof surveyor to visit.

If you’re seriously considering a new flat roof, you need to know all the choices…and the pitfalls…that lie ahead. So we’re going to send you our new flat roofing pack – telling you everything you need to know before the survey.

Keep an eye out for:

Your 24-page FREE guide – including:

  • Why most flat roofs fail after 5-10 years…while the very best will reach 50
  • Why standards have slipped – and how to find a roofer who still delivers quality
  • Waterproofing: why PVC Single-Ply is the only system we trust
  • Insulation: choosing the right spec, to kill draughts and condensation
  • Guarantees: how to get labour and materials on the same policy, with Vanguard
  • How to get the figures you need, without getting pestered by salesmen
FREE Flat Roofing Guide

A Video Case Study 

And that’s not all. We’re also giving you access below to Steve and Deb’s old roof that caved in and turned their lives upside down. Our short film shows you how we fixed it, with expert crews working round the clock to get them back to normal. You’ll see the whole process, from spec and fitting to final leak testing.

PS we used to send a DVD but apparently, DVD players are a “thing of the past!”