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Why EVERY Flat Roofing Owner in Keynsham & Bath Needs a RoofGuard 10 Point Flat Roof Survey

Yes, we know – every flat roofing company in Britain offers free surveys!
So what makes this such a big deal and ours worth more than £250?

Because, remember, there are “surveys” and there are surveys. An untrained salesperson taking a quick look at your flat roof is not a survey. A pro roofer taking a casual look around is not a survey.

A proper flat roof survey takes knowledge, experience and time.

Time to inspect the roof for signs of signs of weakness or decay. Or inspect the plans, to make sure the roof is designed to eliminate draughts and condensation. It’s a thorough process – and it’s all part of a professional consultation, where we’ll find out exactly what you want, and need, from the roof.

Flat roofs bring about unique challenges, particularly as they age. Unlike pitched roofs, which are designed to shed water efficiently, flat roofs have a tendency to retain moisture. This increases the likelihood of failure, water penetration, and other hidden complications, unless the roof is regularly inspected and maintained.

The situation is further complicated by the global warming effect, which has placed traditional flat roofing materials under unprecedented stress. Often pushed beyond their original design limits, this has led to a marked increase in both the frequency and intensity of flat roofing failures that homeowners like you may face.

Recent changes in British Standards and Building Regulations reflect these evolving challenges. The British Standards Institute now recommends that flat roofs be inspected twice a year to identify potential issues and address them before they can cause internal structural damage

With these considerations in mind, we have developed our unique 10-Point RoofGuard Flat Roof Check. Refined over the years, this comprehensive inspection provides peace of mind and helps you stay ahead of unexpected surprises. Our thorough 10-point check includes the following:

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